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Our Proven Investment Strategy

Founders’ investment strategy is centered on an overall goal of portfolio diversification, in-depth knowledge of office and industrial assets and markets, analysis of tenants’ credit and strategic relationships.

Portfolio Diversification

58 institutional-grade properties currently under management consisting of industrial and office projects located throughout the U.S.

In-Depth Knowledge

Founders’ experienced leadership has successfully navigated through multiple economic cycles.

Historical Performance

Founders’ historical steady performance has led to a majority of fund investors participating in multiple funds.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to investment funds, Founders acquires and manages properties for a variety of separate account relationships.

Redefine the Way You Invest

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  • Achieved through:
    • geographic market
    • asset type
    • tenant industry
    • staggered tenant lease maturities
  • Provides risk mitigation
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  • Utilize broker relationships to source potential deals and provide personalized market knowledge
  • Leverage lender relationships to deliver necessary capital and expertise for complex deals
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Cash Flow Focused

  • Source deals with predictable cash flow
  • Invest in projects where the potential downside is reasonably measured
  • Acquire properties that can ride out cycles rather than attempt to time them